Tragic Explosion Leaves Four Dead in Suburban Detroit Home

Detroit, Michigan – An explosion in suburban Detroit took the lives of four people and left two others injured, according to Michigan police. The incident took place in Northfield Township, where the explosion destroyed a single-family home on a dead-end road.

Three individuals lost their lives at the scene, while three others were rushed to the hospital. Sadly, one of the survivors later died from their injuries, police reported. The home was completely obliterated by the explosion, leaving only the basement intact, and debris was found at a residence across the road.

Authorities discovered documents with the address of the house that exploded across U.S. Highway 23. Northfield Township police have begun investigating the victims to determine their ages and relationship to one another. As of now, it is unclear what caused the explosion, but Lt. David Powell of Northfield Township police mentioned the possibility of a gas explosion, as the area’s homes are not connected to utility gas lines and rely on propane tanks for fuel.

To aid in the investigation, authorities disconnected electricity in the area as a precaution and provided portable lighting for investigators, including a medical examiner, to work through the night. A video capturing parts of the explosion was posted to social media by Nate Mark.

The Northfield Township, located about 50 miles west of Detroit, continues to grapple with the aftermath of this tragic event as authorities work diligently to uncover further details about the explosion and its victims.