Tragedy Strikes: Jacksonville Community Mourns Easter Sunday Shooting Incident

Jacksonville, Florida – The residents of Preston Pines neighborhood were left stunned and perplexed when gunshots rang out on Easter Sunday, leading to a tragic incident that claimed the lives of three family members in the Duclay neighborhood of Jacksonville.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, a 22-year-old man reportedly shot and killed his father, 45-year-old Yaniv Grinberg, and his 12-year-old brother, Israel Grinberg, before turning the gun on himself. The man also shot his mother, who was found covered in blood, calling for help after the horrifying ordeal unfolded.

Zoe Million, a neighbor living a few houses down from the Grinberg family, shared her shock and sadness at the tragic turn of events. She recounted how her daughters were playing outside on Easter Sunday when the sound of gunshots shattered the peace of the day, prompting them to run for safety.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office revealed that the violent incident stemmed from an argument between Yaniv Grinberg and his son, escalating over the use of a racial slur. The son then armed himself, putting on tactical gear and grabbing a rifle to carry out the deadly act.

Neighbors along Preston Pines Trail described the Grinberg family as quiet and reserved, despite reported past disputes that led to multiple police calls in recent years. While the family acknowledged the 22-year-old son’s mental health issues, authorities were not previously made aware of any concerns before the tragic events of Easter Sunday.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of the violent incident, Zoe Million is focused on providing support for her daughters and processing her grief for her neighbors. Her heartfelt concern extends to the mother who survived the ordeal but was left in critical condition, as well as the two other children in the household who thankfully escaped physical harm.