The Beijing Money Trail Leading Straight to Joe Biden’s Residence

Recent revelations have brought to light financial transactions connecting Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, to Beijing, further entangling the Biden family in a web of international financial dealings. A report by Fox News disclosed that during the summer of 2019, Hunter Biden received wire transfers amounting to over $250,000 from Chinese business associates. Notably, the beneficiary address for these funds was listed as Joe Biden’s Delaware residence.

The House Oversight Committee Chairman, James Comer (R-KY), has been leading the investigation into alleged corruption within the Biden family, which was promised during the 118th Congress. Recently, financial records of a specific bank account were subpoenaed, revealing information about these transactions.

During the investigation, financial records related to a specific bank account were examined. The investigation revealed two significant wire transfers from Beijing, China, linked to BHR Partners. BHR Partners is a joint venture between Rosemont Seneca, the firm of Hunter Biden, and the Chinese investment firm Bohai Capital. This Beijing-backed private equity firm is under the control of Bank of China Limited, with Hunter Biden formerly serving on its Board of Directors.

The first wire transfer, dated July 26, 2019, was from Ms. Wang Xin, amounting to $10,000. Although Ms. Wang Xin is listed on BHR Partners’ website, the exact identity of the individual behind the wire remains unclear. The second wire transfer, dated August 2, 2019, was for a substantial $250,000, sent by Li Xiang Sheng, also known as Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR Partners, and Ms. Tan Ling. The committee is in the process of identifying the role of Ms. Tan Ling in this transaction.

The beneficiary for these wires was listed as Robert Hunter Biden, with the address “1209 Barley Mill Rd.” in Wilmington, Delaware. This location is known as the primary residence of Joe Biden. This discovery is part of a broader investigation that has unveiled millions of dollars received by the Biden family and their associates from oligarchs in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Kazakhstan during the Obama administration.

Furthermore, records have shown that from 2014 to 2019, the Biden family and their associates received a staggering $24 million in foreign payments, with $15 million going to the Bidens and $9 million to their business associates. This figure is $4 million more than what was previously known.

The story revolving around the business dealings of the Biden family has undergone a major transformation. Initially, Joe Biden strongly denied discussing business matters with his son or brother. However, as more evidence has come to light, the story has changed, even though the White House continues to deny any shift in its position.

In a statement to Fox News, Chairman Comer emphasized that “Bank records don’t lie, but President Joe Biden does.” He highlighted the discrepancy between Joe Biden’s claims and the evidence, particularly concerning the wires from Beijing listing Joe Biden’s Wilmington home as the beneficiary address during his presidential campaign.

The unfolding financial saga raises numerous questions regarding the extent of the Biden family’s international financial engagements and the implications on national security. As the House Oversight Committee intensifies its investigation, with an impeachment inquiry hearing scheduled for September 28, the quest for transparency and accountability continues.

Recent polls indicate a growing support for an impeachment inquiry due to the Biden family’s alleged shady business dealings. Additionally, a recent CNN poll revealed that most Americans believe that Biden had at least “some involvement” in his son Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings.