Strange Occurrences Are Now Happening During Speeches Given By Democrats

President Joe Biden gave another contentious and rhetorical speech against his political opponents on Wednesday. He warned of the threat presented by Republican “election deniers,” saying they might not accept the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections.

However, Twitter users were much more interested in discussing something other than Biden’s scary speech. Twitter users were eager to point out something was noticeably missing from Biden’s address.

While the loss of the presidential emblem may appear inconsequential at first glance, the Association of Mature American Citizens pointed out that “the missing seal is symbolic, since it depicts the United States of America missing a genuine President.”

The presidential seal symbolizes national pride, distinction, and exceptionalism in the United States. Since Biden’s election, America’s border, economy, military, morale, and reputation have all suffered. The absence of Joe Biden’s podium seal was conspicuous but fitting given that America is without a president that stands for all of America.

While it is difficult to accept, it is difficult to disagree with AMAC’s assessment of the country’s current status. Biden is the president, but during the last two years, Biden and his administration have done so much to destabilize and split the country that it is practically hard to claim that America has a legitimate leader.

Food and gas quickly become expensive for the typical American as inflation rates reach historic highs. Crime rates continue to rise across the country, particularly in places led by leftists who take a soft-on-crime attitude to deal with offenders.

Meanwhile, the southern border remains open, with unprecedented numbers of illegal migrants crossing and a record number of people dying while attempting to cross.

Then there are the huge failures in foreign policy, such as the catastrophic retreat from Afghanistan and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

In the face of these issues, the president has only served to further divide the country by attempting to distract attention away from the fictitious “threats to democracy” presented by his political opponents.

With the midterm elections only less than one day away and no genuine plan in place to solve America’s very serious challenges, Biden and the Democrats appear to have chosen the approach of demonizing Republicans to deflect from their lack of leadership.

As a result, the absence of the presidential seal at Wednesday’s event was, to be honest, pretty appropriate. While Biden holds the post and title of President of the United States, he has done nothing to qualify as a real leader.

In comparison, consider former President Donald Trump. Whenever Trump delivered a speech during his administration, there was no doubt about who was in command.

With another Trump presidential candidacy seeming increasingly inevitable, perhaps we can begin to believe that actual leadership will soon return to the country.

Then there was a Pennsylvania Rally.

It was a scene straight out of a movie when Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman took his spot behind the platform at a rally in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

Sunshine. A large crowd. A row of American flags floated in the air in November. Not for much longer.

Things did not go quite as planned when Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, launched his pitch to voters, urging them to vote for him instead of Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Today, Dr. Oz will be standing on stage with Donald Trump, Fetterman stated. I will be happy to stand with a president completely free of sedition.

When former President Barack Obama was mentioned as “sedition-free,” a strong burst of wind fell the flags behind Fetterman like dominoes.

The candidate refused to acknowledge the strange occurrence as his aides ran to right the flags.

Both strange occurrences are foreboding in their own way.