Stabbings at Huntington Beach Fireworks Event Lead to Charges Against Redondo Beach Man

Huntington Beach, California – A Redondo Beach man faces charges for the deadly stabbings that occurred during a Fourth of July fireworks celebration in Huntington Beach. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office revealed that 26-year-old Logan Christopher Kelley allegedly stabbed five strangers, resulting in the death of two men and the injury of three others. The incident took place after Kelley had reportedly consumed alcohol and hallucinogenic drugs.

Kelley has been charged with two felony counts of murder, along with special circumstances of multiple murders, three felony counts of attempted murder, one felony count of assault with a deadly weapon, and one misdemeanor count of battery on a police officer. Additionally, he faces a felony enhancement for the personal use of a deadly weapon.

The possibility of the death penalty is under consideration due to the special circumstances murder charges, which could result in a sentence of either death or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. The DA’s Office is expected to assemble a special circumstance committee to determine the appropriate course of action.

According to reports, the violent incident unfolded during the Fourth of July holiday, prompting law enforcement to respond to an assault with a deadly weapon near 16th Street and Pecan Avenue around 11:15 p.m. Kelley allegedly targeted individuals whom he did not know, leading to the deaths of Eric Hodges, 42, and William Collins, 47. Three other men sustained injuries that were not considered life-threatening.

In a distressing turn of events, Kelley also reportedly assaulted a teenage boy who attempted to help detain him following the attack. The investigation into the incident is ongoing as authorities work to uncover the motives behind the senseless violence.