Squatters suspected in murder of woman found in NYC apartment

Police sources in New York City are shedding light on a murder case unfolding in Manhattan. The Joint Fugitive Task Force is actively pursuing two suspects after the tragic killing of Nadia Vitels, 52, inside her mother’s vacant apartment in the Kips Bay neighborhood. Sources indicate that the suspects in question were squatters who had been residing in the apartment.

Vitels met her untimely demise after traveling from Spain to prepare the apartment for occupancy by a family friend. Little did she know that the dwelling had already been taken over by squatters following her mother’s passing. Surveillance footage captured Vitels entering and exiting the apartment, unaware of the dangerous presence within. It is believed that the suspects returned to the scene, ambushing and fatally assaulting her.

The grim discovery of Vitels’ body, concealed in a duffel bag within the apartment’s front closet on the 19th floor, was made by Superintendent Jean Pompee. Following concerns raised by family members unable to reach her, the heartbreaking truth was unveiled. The medical examiner officially classified Vitels’ death as a homicide resulting from blunt force trauma to the head.

Authorities have identified the two squatters suspected of carrying out the heinous act, alleging no prior connection to Vitels. The perpetrators were captured on video fleeing the scene in Vitels’ Lexus, which was later involved in an accident in Pennsylvania. Their subsequent attempts to purchase a vehicle from used car dealers indicate their continued evasion of law enforcement.

Friends and family of Vitels, in mourning, remember her as a vibrant and supportive individual full of ambition and generosity. Her son, Michael Medvedev, expressed gratitude for her unwavering belief in his endeavors, reflecting on the countless memories shared. Vitels’ unexpected departure has left a void in the lives of those who knew and cherished her vibrant spirit.

As the investigation intensifies and authorities seek to bring the perpetrators to justice, residents are encouraged to come forward with any pertinent information. The tragedy of Nadia Vitels’ murder serves as a somber reminder of the dangers lurking within seemingly familiar spaces, urging vigilance and community cooperation.