Shocking Revelation: Tucker Carlson Reveals the Exact Moment Trump’s Arrest Was Inevitable

Tucker Carlson suggests that Donald Trump’s outspoken opposition to the Iraq War marked the turning point when the establishment in Washington decided to prosecute and potentially imprison him. In the latest episode of his show, “Tucker on Twitter,” Carlson reacts to the recent indictment and arrest of Trump, believing it to be politically motivated. He argues that this outcome has been inevitable since February 16, 2016, when Trump fearlessly criticized the “deep state” and denounced the decision to engage in the Iraq War.

During that crucial moment, Trump expressed his strong disapproval, stating that the Middle East had been destabilized and accusing those in power of fabricating the existence of weapons of mass destruction. Carlson highlights this statement as he emphasizes the significance of Trump’s defiance. He explains that Trump’s conflict with the federal government began on that day, which he describes as the largest and most influential organization in history. According to Carlson, this clash was not primarily due to Trump’s views on immigration, trade, or other domestic policies. Instead, it revolved around foreign policy decisions that shape global dynamics, such as invasions, occupations, and proxy wars.

Carlson argues that the actions taken in the name of foreign policy have immense consequences, including exorbitant costs and the widening wealth gap around Washington, D.C. He claims that permanent Washington, driven by the pursuit of power and wealth, prioritizes these policies over identity politics or domestic matters. Carlson contends that both sides of the political spectrum tend to defend such policies stubbornly, ignoring evidence until they can later offer a half-hearted apology that is not truly an apology.

In this context, Carlson points out that dissent is not tolerated within Washington’s elite circles. However, Trump, being an outsider, either did not know or did not care about this unspoken rule. Consequently, Carlson suggests that at this precise moment, seven and a half years later, the entrenched establishment in Washington decided to prosecute and imprison Donald Trump.

Furthermore, Tucker Carlson criticizes those who once supported Trump but quickly turned against him after losing power, including Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, and Chris Christie. He urges all Republicans who genuinely care about the country’s survival to watch his episode.