Shocking: Over Dozen Cows Found Dead on Popular Park City Trail

PARK CITY, Utah – A rancher in Park City, Utah, reported the tragic discovery of more than a dozen dead cows on a popular trail behind Home Depot. The cows, part of a herd of 69, had been in the pasture along the Rail Trail for only 30 days before the 13 deaths were reported on Thursday, Nov. 16. The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food sent field veterinarian Bob Erickson to investigate and gather samples for testing at a state diagnostic lab.

Erickson found no evidence of foul play and ruled out lightning strikes or heavy metal poisoning as potential causes of death. Water contamination test results are still pending, and authorities are also examining the possibility of toxic plants in the area. The remaining cows in the herd have been isolated, but have shown no signs of illness.

The sudden and unexplained deaths of the cows have deeply impacted the rancher and the community. It is extremely rare for this many cows to die at once, and the situation remains a mystery as the veterinarian awaits test results and further field inspections. Despite the desire to remove the deceased animals from the pasture, the department has decided to keep them there for further investigation.

The livestock industry in the area is reeling from this devastating event, both economically and emotionally. The loss of the cows has not only caused hardship for the rancher, but has also shaken the community’s attachment to these animals. As the investigation continues, authorities are committed to helping the rancher find answers and prevent any further loss. This tragic incident has left the community and the rancher searching for closure and a resolution to this puzzling and heartbreaking event.