Shocking discovery: Body found in trunk, suspect found injured

Citrus County, FL – Law enforcement officers in Citrus County, Florida, made a gruesome discovery during a routine welfare check: a deceased person locked inside the trunk of a car. Police are now investigating the suspect, who was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the stomach.

Authorities became aware of potential wrongdoing while conducting the welfare check near Eden Drive. At first, the homeowner, who is now the primary suspect, refused to communicate with officers. Eventually, they gained access to the house and were met with a shocking scene – the suspect had a severe self-inflicted gunshot wound to the stomach. Prompt medical assistance was provided, and the suspect was swiftly transported to a nearby healthcare facility. The suspect’s condition is currently unknown.

Upon digging deeper into the case, investigators found a distressing discovery: a dead man locked in the trunk of the suspect’s car, which was parked on the property. Detectives were summoned to the scene, and after obtaining a search warrant, they began the meticulous process of gathering evidence.

Reflecting on the tragic incident, Sheriff Mike Prendergast expressed his profound sorrow, acknowledging the impact on the community, especially during the holiday season. However, he assured residents that their safety remained a top priority due to the unwavering dedication of the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

The circumstances surrounding the deceased individual found in the car trunk and the motive behind the crime are currently under investigation. Authorities are working diligently to bring clarity to this shocking and disturbing case.