Shocking Details Emerge in Tanner Fielder Shooting Case During Preliminary Hearing

Denver, Colorado – Testimony revealed new details about the tragic September shootings that took place along the South Platte River bike path. Denver Police disclosed that there is no evidence to suggest that the suspect, Tanner Fielder, had any connection to the victims of the fatal shootings.

Fielder, 32, is currently facing first-degree murder charges in relation to the deaths of Jeremy Hutcheson, 43, and Lluvia Robles-Banuelos, 31. Robles-Banuelos was killed near East 45th Avenue and North Washington Street on September 6, while Hutcheson was shot and killed while riding his bike near South Platte River Drive and West Florida Avenue three days later.

Investigators revealed that shell casings found at both crime scenes were fired from the same gun, and shell casings were found in Fielder’s car that linked him to the homicides. However, there is still uncertainty surrounding how Denver Police singled out Fielder as their suspect, although multiple witnesses aided in the investigation.

During the preliminary hearing, an investigator testified that there is no evidence to suggest that the shootings were attempted robberies. It is believed that the victims were unaware of the identity of their assailant, as the motive behind the attacks remains unclear. Notably, about five years prior to the shootings, Fielder’s mother had filed for a protection order against him, citing his bipolar disorder and unstable mental state. She later dismissed the order in 2021 in hopes of assisting him in seeking treatment.

The preliminary hearing aimed to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed with the case, with testimony spanning several hours. The hearing will resume in August to further delve into the details surrounding the tragic events. Fielder’s bond has been set at $5 million as he awaits further legal proceedings.