Scandal Alert: Biden Gets Away with Mishandling Classified Documents

Special counsel Robert Hur is reportedly not expected to pursue charges against President Joe Biden regarding the mishandling of classified documents, per sources familiar with the matter. The revelation comes as Hur and his team diligently compile a comprehensive report derived from their year-long investigation, which is anticipated to scrutinize the handling of sensitive materials by Biden and his staff.

The existence of classified documents in Biden’s possession was initially brought to light when they were discovered in his office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., as well as in boxes found in his garage in Delaware. Despite this discovery, few anticipated that the administration would initiate charges against Biden related to the mishandling of these confidential records.

Back in September, it became apparent that Hur’s investigation was not centered on Biden and his motives for retaining classified documents after leaving the vice presidency. At that time, reports indicated that the focus had shifted towards an evaluation of security protocols and internal processes within the Obama-era White House. Critics pointed out that Biden seemed to be evading scrutiny, likening the situation to a burglar avoiding consequences because of a simple lack of security measures.

The decision not to pursue charges against Biden is projected to draw criticism from former President Donald Trump and his allies, as they have long drawn parallels between Hur’s investigation and that of special counsel Jack Smith. Earlier this year, Smith charged Trump for his handling of classified documents post-presidency. Notably, Biden’s handling of classified documents has been perceived by some as more severe, given the circumstances surrounding the storage and potential access to these materials by his son, Hunter Biden.

The controversy surrounding the documents found at Biden’s home raised questions about potential usage for illicit business activities. Classified documents pertaining to Ukraine were among the discoveries, and there is evidence suggesting that Hunter Biden may have had access to these documents and used them in his business ventures. Furthermore, it was later uncovered that the documents had been discovered before the midterm elections, indicating a possible cover-up.

The White House’s handling of the search at Biden’s residence led to accusations of dishonesty, as they initially claimed the search had concluded when it was still ongoing. Additional concerns arose when it became evident that Joe Biden had not initially cooperated with the Department of Justice search and had opposed it.

The contrasting treatment of Trump and Biden regarding the possession and handling of classified documents has become a political gift for Trump. The implications of these revelations remain uncertain, leaving many questioning the forthcoming developments in this ongoing investigation.