Republicans Warn That The United States Must Arm Taiwan And Bolster Its Military To Avoid War With China

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) stated in an interview over the weekend that China is employing all available methods of warfare to seize Taiwan.

According to Gallagher, chairman of the House Select Committee on China, the Chinese Communist Party’s recent military exercises near Taiwan were an attempt to intimidate the United States.

Gallagher stated that if feasible, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping would prefer to achieve reunification without force. This can be accomplished through “psychological warfare, ” economic coercion, and political conflict. And this is precisely what Taiwanese President Tsai has warned the U.S. about.

According to the Taiwanese President, China’s relationship is one of cognitive warfare. Gallagher said it is essential that the American people not be intimidated. The fact that the Chinese threw a temper tantrum over the House speaker’s meeting with Taiwan’s democratically elected leader on American soil demonstrates their sensitivity.

Gallagher, a veteran of the U.S. military, stated that the U.S. must provide Taiwan with weapons and move heaven and earth to extend power out to the Indo-Pacific before it’s too late and before the U.S. is faced with another conflict.

Gallagher stated that “Harpoon anti-ship missiles” were the “most essential” armament the United States could and needed to send to Taiwan. Gallagher said he remains convinced that they can do more in the delivery of Harpoons; Taiwan should be placed ahead of Saudi Arabia.

According to Gallagher, they can also modify the Harpoon missiles that were put into deep storage; the ones that the U.S. was de-milling can be changed and delivered to Taiwan. He added that the U.S. should also consider granting Taiwan licenses to produce certain weapon systems

domestically.Ultimately, it comes down to the executive branch’s vigor, focus, and prioritization. According to Gallagher, the secretary of defense must make this a daily priority if the backlog is to be cleared.

He was not the only GOP candidate warning about  China’s over-the-top display. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) warned over the weekend that unless the United States increases its overall military preparedness, a conflict with communist China is almost certain.

Graham made the remarks during an Easter interview on Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday” while discussing the United States national security.

Graham said he would enhance training and send the required F-16s to Taiwan.   Graham also spoke about the backlog stating that they need to eliminate it. Graham went on to say that he would relocate additional forces to South Korea and Japan. He said that the U.S. needs to up its game, and failing to do so will lead to war with the communist nation.

Graham remarked that the situation in Taiwan is distinct from that in Ukraine and that an invasion by China could draw American troops into the conflict.

Graham said that no one wishes for World War III. However, what kind of universe do you wish to inhabit? Do you want to exist in a world where China could seize the island of Taiwan? Graham said. 90% of high-end microchips are manufactured in Taiwan, and they would control the entire digital economy.