Prominent Putin Ally Found Dead After Falling from Tobolsk Window

TOBOLSK, RUSSIA – Vladimir Egorov, a member of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ruling United Russia party, was found dead on Wednesday after falling from a third-floor window in Tobolsk in the Tyumen Oblast, according to Russian state media. Egorov, 46, was a Tobolsk City Duma deputy.

The circumstances surrounding Egorov’s death are under investigation, and an autopsy will be carried out to establish the cause of death. His sudden and tragic death adds to a series of mysterious deaths involving prominent Russian figures since Putin’s forces invaded Ukraine in February.

Egorov was a wealthy deputy of Tobolsk, with a reported income of 9.1 million rubles in 2022. He previously held a position heading the Committee on Land Relations and Forestry in Tobolsk, and in 2016, he was sentenced to correctional labor for failing to collect rent from businessmen for leasing municipal land. Despite his legal troubles, he went on to found a recreation center and was elected to the Tobolsk City Duma.

Egorov’s death has left behind a wife and two children, according to a government page. He was also reported to own several properties, including residential buildings and apartments, as well as a number of vehicles.

The tragic death of Vladimir Egorov is the latest in a series of mysterious fatalities involving prominent Russian figures, leaving behind unanswered questions and a sense of unease among the public. The circumstances surrounding his fall from a third-floor window are currently under investigation as authorities work to establish the cause of his death.

Whether Egorov’s death is connected to the previous mysterious fatalities remains to be seen, but his sudden passing has reignited concerns and speculation surrounding the safety and security of influential individuals in Russian society.