Pregnant Teen and Boyfriend Found Dead, Now Capital Murder Case: Persons of Interest Sought

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – The mysterious deaths of a pregnant teen and her boyfriend have taken a chilling turn as San Antonio police announced that they are now treating the case as a capital murder investigation. The bodies of 18-year-old Savanah Soto and her boyfriend were found days after Soto was due to give birth in Texas.

Law enforcement discovered Soto and her boyfriend dead in a Kia Optima in San Antonio, with an unborn child also found deceased. Police have positively identified the victims as Soto and her boyfriend, both of whom had suffered gunshot wounds. The circumstances surrounding their deaths have led authorities to suspect a heinous act, prompting the upgrade of the case to a capital murder investigation.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus revealed that the medical examiner had determined the boyfriend’s cause of death to be a gunshot wound to the head, though the manner of death was still pending. Despite some speculation, the police do not believe this to be a murder-suicide.

Authorities released footage of two persons of interest seen driving the victims’ car and a dark-colored pickup truck. The person of interest in the pickup truck is seen interacting with the driver of the victims’ car, leading investigators to intensify efforts to locate and question the individuals seen in the video.

Soto’s disappearance had triggered a CLEAR Alert, which is issued to help law enforcement locate individuals in imminent danger or involuntarily missing, after she had missed a vital medical appointment. Her family had expressed significant concern after she failed to appear for her scheduled delivery at the hospital.

As the investigation into the tragic deaths of Savanah Soto and her boyfriend continues, detectives are analyzing surveillance footage and combing through social media and cellphone records in the hope of unraveling the events leading up to their deaths.

In conclusion, the community is left in shock and grief as Savanah Soto’s story takes a dark and tragic turn, leaving authorities and loved ones searching for answers as they seek to bring those responsible to justice.