Person of Interest in Custody for Fatal Shooting of Mother in Chicago: Family Seeks Justice

Chicago, Illinois – Chicago police have announced the detainment of a person of interest in connection with the fatal shooting of Maria Roque, a mother who was tragically gunned down on her front lawn in mid-December. The incident occurred in the city’s Austin neighborhood and left Roque dead after being shot multiple times.

According to family members, Roque was in the process of putting her 8 and 14-year-old children into her car when the gunman approached and opened fire. The alleged gunman, identified as Roque’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her 8-year-old daughter, was reportedly enraged due to a protection order and the loss of custody of their child.

Following the shooting, the children were left to witness the devastating loss of their mother, adding further trauma to an already horrific situation. Chicago police have been questioning the person of interest, and while specific details have not been disclosed, the Roque family has expressed a sense of relief knowing the alleged perpetrator is now off the streets.

As the family copes with the aftermath of their tragic loss, they remain steadfast in their pursuit of justice for Maria. Looking ahead to the new year, they are determined to ensure that the individual responsible for her death is held accountable for their actions.

The detainment of the person of interest offers a glimmer of hope for the Roque family as they continue to grapple with their grief and seek closure following the senseless and devastating loss of Maria. The community will be closely following the developments in this case as they await further updates from law enforcement.