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Burari ‘House of Horrors’: Shocking Family Tragedy Unfolds in Delhi’s Burari Area

Ryan Nightbridge

New Delhi, India- The tranquil neighborhood of Delhi’s Burari area was rocked by an unimaginable tragedy on July 1, 2018. …


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Retaliation Risk: FBI and DHS Warn of Possible Consequences after Trump Attack

Ryan Nightbridge

Washington, D.C. – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security …

God Did Not Spare Trump: Bill Maher Slams Supporters’ “Magical Thinking”

Ryan Nightbridge

Los Angeles, CA – Comedian Bill Maher criticized Trump supporters who believe that God intervened …

Manhunt Underway for Armed and Dangerous Omar Passmore connected in the Murder of 12-Year-Old Girl

Ryan Nightbridge

Baltimore, Maryland – Authorities in Baltimore are currently searching for a suspect connected to a …

Shooting at Knights Inn in Phoenix Leaves Man Dead, Detectives Investigating

Ryan Nightbridge

Phoenix, Arizona – Authorities in Phoenix are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred at a …

Explosion at Whittier Food Truck Leaves Five Injured, Two Critical: OSHA Notified

Ryan Nightbridge

Whittier, California – A food truck explosion in Whittier, California, resulted in five people being …

Assaulted Woman at L’Enfant Plaza Metro Station Seeks Justice After Traumatic Attack

Ryan Nightbridge

Washington, D.C. – A woman in Southwest D.C. reached out to authorities after experiencing a …

Shooting at Trump Rally Reveals Local Journalist’s Major Scoop

Ryan Nightbridge

BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. – John Paul Vranesevich, the sole full-time reporter and owner of the …

DNA Breakthrough: Man Convicted in 1979 Cold Case Murder and Rape in Maryland

Ryan Nightbridge

Washington, D.C. – A chilling cold case from 1979 has finally been solved, bringing closure …

Fatal Bayou Blue House Fire Claims Five Lives, One Survivor Escapes Tragedy – Louisiana Community Mourns

Ryan Nightbridge

Bayou Blue, Louisiana – A tragic early morning fire in Bayou Blue, Louisiana, claimed the …

Explosion at Whittier Food Truck Sends Five to Hospital

Ryan Nightbridge

Whittier, California – Five individuals were taken to the hospital after a food truck explosion …

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Murderous Night in NYC: Fatal Stabbing in Brooklyn, Fatal Shooting in Bronx

New York, New York – Overnight violence in Brooklyn and the Bronx resulted in the …

Forgiveness Amid Tragedy: Mother of Murdered Daughters Takes Powerful Stand Against Police Misconduct

London, England – The mother of two sisters who were tragically murdered has expressed forgiveness …