Nonprofit Eagles Flight Assists Grieving Family of Murdered Pregnant Teen, Offers Support and Burial Assistance

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Eagles Flight, a nonprofit organization, is providing support to the family of Savanah Soto, who was tragically murdered last week along with her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, and their unborn son, Fabian.

Pamela Allen, the CEO of Eagles Flight, expressed the organization’s commitment to assisting families in need, including those affected by domestic violence and the loss of infants. Over the past decade, Eagles Flight has undertaken the responsibility of providing burials for abandoned infants and women who have been victims of abuse or violence.

The organization not only organized a vigil for Soto and her unborn child but is also helping the family with the burial process and collecting donations to support them during this difficult time. Soto’s aunt, Valerie Mendoza, expressed gratitude for the support, acknowledging the immense impact of Eagles Flight’s assistance.

Allen described the heart-wrenching experience of witnessing the families’ grief, particularly the profound pain of a mother mourning the loss of her child. The death of the couple’s unborn baby, Fabian, has further intensified the family’s sorrow, prompting Allen to reflect on the impact of such a devastating loss.

Amidst the tragedy, Eagles Flight remains committed to standing with the family and providing vital support. The organization’s involvement in offering solace and practical assistance underscores the valuable role it plays in providing comfort and aid to those in need during times of immense hardship.

In conclusion, Eagles Flight’s compassionate efforts to support the family of Savanah Soto, her boyfriend, and their unborn child, Fabian, highlight the organization’s unwavering commitment to assisting those grappling with the devastating aftermath of such a tragic event.