Nikki Haley: My Focus Is on Joe Biden

In an interview on Sunday, Nikki Haley revealed that she has her sights set on replacing President Joe Biden.

Trump, the only other major Republican candidate is yet to announce his 2024 campaign, and Haley, the former U.N. ambassador and governor of South Carolina, are both in the mix.

Haley has stated that President Trump is not her main focus, and it is astounding that the media continues to focus on this matter. A few thousand people in South Carolina heard her announcement, and while in New Hampshire, rooms were packed full. She reported that no one was interested in discussing President Trump, but many wanted to talk about Biden. He is the President, and she is solely focused on Biden.

As much as people want to talk about other opponents, she said, there will be more, and many of them are friends, but the United States needs a new generation, fresh energy going in, to leave the status quo of the past and move ahead.

Haley claimed that the struggle of American families and the restoration of American greatness were at the center of her attention.

However, Haley, who served as ambassador during the Trump administration, has claimed that she would not handle Chinese President Xi Jinping the way President Joe Biden has, mainly the matter of the suspected spy balloon that flew over many critical military facilities in the United States.

Haley has stated that communicating with China is not the issue; instead, the problem is the content of the communication. China insists on calling it a weather balloon despite overwhelming evidence.

Haley declared that China invading American territory in this way was unacceptable. Similar to how they lied about COVID, China is spreading false information about the balloon. It’s time to stop overreacting to China’s actions. The United States government should take a tough stance and clarify to China that this behavior will not be tolerated.

Haley also responded to an article suggesting she must tread carefully with conservatives as a female contender. Running for President, she says, shows that she has a clear idea of where the country is to go and that people spend too much time discussing how women should handle situations.

Haley said how someone wins is not among the top concerns of the American people, who are more concerned with matters like inflation and the future of their children’s education.

Haley has responded to criticism that she is not MAGA enough by saying on Sunday that she is a conservative and does not care what certain parties think.

She said the GOP had lost the popular vote by a margin of seven to one. Getting a large number of Americans on one side is the top priority, and the solutions offered are practical and benefit society as a whole, not just a select few. She adds that she is not targeting any particular demographic but focusing on winning over as many people as possible with conservative policy proposals.