Newlywed Bliss Ends in Bloodshed: Florida Pastor and Wife Killed in Shooting

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – A shocking incident unfolded in Florida last week when a pastor and his wife, newly married, were brutally gunned down outside their home. The alleged perpetrator of this horrifying crime is none other than the woman’s ex-husband, who reportedly committed the act a mere week after the couple’s wedding.

The victims, identified by their grieving relatives as Kerlande and Marcelline Racine, were found lifeless on the sidewalk outside their West Palm Beach residence early Saturday morning. The local authorities, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, were called to the scene, where they pronounced the couple dead.

The suspect, a 46-year-old Palm Beach County resident named Sony Josaphat, was subsequently arrested and charged with the murders of the couple. Josaphat, who had been previously married to Marcelline, had just finalized their divorce on November 22, less than two weeks before the tragic incident.

Following his arrest, Josaphat made his first court appearance on Sunday. The court ordered him to remain in the Palm Beach County jail until his next court date, 10:30 a.m. on January 8, 2024.

According to reports, Josaphat initially fled the scene after the alleged crime but later turned himself into the local police. In a shocking confession, he admitted to the murders of Kerlande and Marcelline. It is also reported that the couple’s children were unfortunate witnesses to this tragic event.

Marcelline’s sister, who wished to remain anonymous, shared some poignant details with local media. She revealed that she had never been happier since Marcelline’s marriage to Kerlande on her birthday, December 2. This joy was tragically short-lived due to the violent act that took her life.

Investigators delved into the background of the case and discovered some disturbing details. Despite Josaphat not living at the residence for over a year, he would randomly show up, exhibiting a pattern of controlling behavior. Witnesses reported that the couple was outside their home on the morning of the incident. The pastor installed exterior cameras while his wife unloaded groceries from their car. It was then that Josaphat allegedly approached them, exchanged a few words, and then shot them.

The alarm was raised by the couple’s adult daughter, who called 911. In a distressing call, she stated that her father had shot her mother and stepfather. Josaphat later confessed to the police, admitting that he was filled with anger after learning about his ex-wife’s remarriage. He felt disrespected when she blocked his calls and claimed his rage overtook him on the morning of the incident.

Marcelline’s sister confirmed that her sister, a nurse practitioner, and her husband, a pastor, had moved from Haiti to the United States 25 years ago. They had built a life together, only for it to be tragically cut short. Josaphat told the police that since learning about his ex-wife’s remarriage, he had been unable to sleep and was filled with anger, which ultimately led to the violent act.