New Yorkers Enraged Over Eric Adams’ Wasteful Spending and Awful Logo

In a move that has infuriated many New Yorkers, New York City Mayor Eric Adams commissioned a new municipal logo a year ago, reportedly spending $20 million on it. The new logo replaces legendary graphic artist Milton Glaser’s “I Love NY” with the inclusive statement “We Love NYC.”

On Monday, Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul unveiled the design. This is part of their woke campaign to “cut through divisiveness and negativity.”

They replaced the iconic typewriter font with a generic sans-serif typeface. Given the pandemic, the heart is now three-dimensional and swollen as if it had myocarditis, which is appropriate. The “I” was replaced with the more inclusive “We,” and “NY” was replaced with “NYC.”

Critics contend that a ten-year-old could have created the logo just as simply and for free in Photoshop in just five minutes.

Glaser died of a stroke and kidney failure in July 2020, on his 91st birthday. He designed the first logo for a campaign promoting tourism in the state in 1977. His design was an immediate classic, particularly emblematic of New York City. During this time, the city faced heightened crime, budgetary difficulties, and a multitude of other obstacles facing the city. Glaser created it in the back of a taxi and then gave it to an advertising firm. According to legend, the logo was inspired by Richard Indiana’s LOVE sculptures.

Adams and Hochul could not stand to let $20 million in gifts go to waste. Scores of companies, including Amazon, Google, Macy’s, Madison Square Garden Entertainment, and TikTok, contributed to the new PR effort.

Graham Clifford has assumed the role of new designs. He told The New York Times that the intention was to “modernize it.”

After seeing the new logo, one user from New York reportedly exclaimed, “Don’t meddle with perfection.” If Milton Glaser wasn’t dead, this abominable rendition of his iconic “I Love NY” logo would have killed him, said another.

One commenter stated he was scared to claim nothing left for Mayor Eric Adams’s administration to screw up because they would certainly find something.

Another said: If there is to be a riot in New York City, it will be because of this.

Renowned DC Comics illustrator Mitch Gerads ridiculed the design by commenting: Gets the job of upgrading New York City’s branding campaign. He cracks his knuckles and launches Print Shop Deluxe on his Gateway 2000. Someone else altered the new logo to read “Rats Love NYC.”  It wasn’t simply a few individuals that criticized the emblem, many described it as “terrible.”

Adams stated at the logo’s introduction on Monday that no one will ever defeat New Yorkers. Adams urged, “Don’t say, “Poor me.” Instead, say, “Why not me?” He encouraged people to go and volunteer. Participate in the revitalization of the city and state. The NYPD is making the city safer daily; homicides and shootings are declining, crime is falling, and the economy is improving. Don’t trust the hype. Have faith in New York City. Adams remarked they removed the ‘I’ from ‘I Love New York’ and replaced it with ‘we” because we’re all in this together.

‘I Love New York’ was an international statement. Hochul said that “We Love New York City” is a message to all. She said the logo symbolizes those who have remained in New York City and have never given up believing that the city’s finest days lay ahead.

Everyone on Twitter except socialists is burning the logo. Nonetheless, it has united New Yorkers in their dislike for it.