Nets Tied NBA Record with 18 Three-Pointers in Second Half Surge Against Bulls

NEW YORK – The Brooklyn Nets have showcased their unpredictability in the NBA, capable of delivering varying performances from game to game. In a recent matchup against the Chicago Bulls, the Nets demonstrated their prowess from beyond the arc, setting records and securing a decisive victory.

After shooting an impressive 56.8% from three-point range in their win over the Bulls, the Nets tied an NBA record by sinking 18 threes in the second half alone. Guard Cam Thomas emphasized the team’s need to maintain their intensity throughout the game to capitalize on their shooting abilities.

Prior to this standout performance, the Nets had struggled from long range, shooting only 29% in the six games leading up to their win against the Bulls. The drastic improvement in three-point shooting against a formidable opponent highlighted their potential as they vie for a spot in the Eastern Conference play-in tournament.

Thomas lauded the team’s resilience and persistence, acknowledging the impact of their exceptional shooting performance. The Nets’ ability to convert 18 of 24 three-point attempts in the second half proved to be a key factor in their victory, underscoring the importance of consistency and perseverance in their gameplay.