National Guard Deployed: NYC’s Desperate Bid to Manage Biden’s Immigration Surge

In a commendable move to address the challenges posed by the surge of immigrants, New York City has greenlit a plan to accommodate at least 2,000 individuals at the historic Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn. This initiative comes as the city grapples with the arrival of tens of thousands from the southern border.

In a recent announcement on a social media platform, Governor Kathy Hochul confirmed a “tentative contract” with the Biden administration. This contract aims to shelter these immigrants, many of whom might be genuine asylum seekers. “This location will be pivotal in New York City’s humanitarian efforts. Our goal is to expedite the process for these individuals to achieve asylum seeker status and lawful employment,” stated Governor Hochul.

It’s noteworthy that while the Federal government is generously leasing the space at no cost, the financial responsibility of maintaining the site falls on the state of New York. In addition, Governor Hochul has allocated an extra $20 million to expedite the processing of nearly 30,000 unconfirmed asylum seekers currently under the care of various New York City agencies.

Governor Hochul emphasized the importance of swift action, stating, “The immediate solution to this situation is to grant work permits, enabling these individuals to transition from shelters to self-sufficient living conditions.”

Mayor Eric Adams thanked Governor Hochul for her financial commitment to this initiative. He also voiced his anticipation for more collaborative efforts with Albany. However, Mayor Adams didn’t hesitate to address the issue’s root. “Without significant policy shifts to address the root causes, we find ourselves in a relentless cycle, constantly opening new facilities as the number of asylum-seekers continues to grow,” he remarked.

The past year has witnessed an unprecedented influx of over 100,000 individuals in New York City. This surge, attributed to the cessation of the pandemic-era Title 42 policy, has been further exacerbated by reports of a porous southern border.

The Adams administration has established over 200 emergency shelters across city-owned properties, hotels, and other venues to manage this situation. This includes a significant facility on Randall’s Island with a capacity to house 2,000 individuals. Presently, more than a dozen centers are actively processing new arrivals.

Governor Hochul highlighted that the monthly expenditure for the essentials, including shelter and food for these immigrants, is $20 million. In unwavering support, New York state has pledged $1.5 billion to bolster the city’s sheltering efforts. Over 1,800 National Guard members have also been mobilized to offer logistical and operational aid.

While appreciating the efforts, Mayor Adams also shed light on the financial implications. He mentioned that the costs associated with supporting potential asylum applicants, irrespective of the validity of their claims, might escalate to $12 billion in the forthcoming years. Despite the challenges, his administration continues to relocate immigrants to upstate regions. However, some of these moves are encountering legal resistance from county authorities.

While New York’s proactive approach is commendable, it underscores the pressing need for comprehensive immigration reforms at the national level. Only through such reforms can we ensure a sustainable solution to the ongoing challenges.