Nancy Pelosi’s Double Standards: Calls for Term Limits On Justices While Profiting from Decades in Congress

Recently, Nancy Pelosi, an 83-year-old representative from California and former Speaker of the House, stated her support for term limits. However, her support was not for Congress but rather for the Supreme Court. Her stance on this issue has been perceived as hypocritical, as she made these comments while commemorating the one-year anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision being overturned.

Pelosi acknowledged the need for ethical rules to be followed in the Supreme Court, stating, “There certainly should be — and if nothing else, there should be some ethical rules that would be followed.” Her remarks came in response to discussions surrounding the ethics of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who was criticized for a fishing trip with a billionaire that he did not disclose until later.

During an interview on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki,” Pelosi also mentioned the low public approval rating of the Supreme Court, as indicated by a Quinnipiac poll that showed only 30 percent approval. She criticized justices’ lifetime appointments, emphasizing the lack of accountability for their ethical behavior. Pelosi referred to Alito and Justice Clarence Thomas as “shameful” for their perceived violations of expected conduct.

In addition to her concerns about ethics, Pelosi suggested considering measures such as court expansion or term limits. She pointed out that the court had not been expanded for over 150 years, and while she did not advocate for it to happen, she believed it should be discussed. She noted that President Biden’s commission did not recommend court expansion, but that should not be the end of the conversation. Pelosi firmly asserted that there should be term limits and ethical rules in place for the Supreme Court.

Critics have pointed out the irony of Pelosi, who has been in Congress since 1987, advocating for term limits. They argue that it is contradictory for someone who has held a long-standing position in Congress to discuss limiting the terms of others. Some social media users have accused Pelosi of attempting to change the rules only when it suits her political agenda, highlighting a perceived lack of consistency.

It is worth noting that Pelosi’s statements on term limits come amid debates about restricting the power of long-serving representatives and senators, as well as addressing concerns regarding various executive branch departments. The discussion surrounding Pelosi’s comments has sparked intense reactions on social media, with individuals questioning the balance and fairness of her proposed checks and balances.

Furthermore, some have raised concerns about her credibility as a representative, particularly given her self-identification as a Catholic and her views on access to abortion juxtaposed with her participation in a baseball game honoring the LGBTQ+ community.