McCaul Has Subpoena Power to Investigate China & Afghanistan

Michael McCaul, the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman, has stated that he will work to halt the transfer of sensitive technology to China and will hold the Biden administration accountable for the violent and disorderly exit from Afghanistan in 2021.

McCaul, R-Texas, said one of his first moves would be to want to see the classified dissident cable that State Department personnel sent warning of a deteriorating security situation and recommending the quick evacuation of allies.

According to reports, McCaul has asked for the embassy’s dissident cable. Twenty-three workers took drastic action, essentially disagreeing with the policies of the President of the United States or the administration, and he is interested in hearing their thoughts. As a federal prosecutor, McCaul said his first thought was if documents are not cooperatively supplied, then ‘what are they attempting to hide?’

McCaul can issue subpoenas but will wait until it is necessary to do so. But he is willing to take such a risk to learn the truth about these matters. He wants to investigate why Bagram Airport was turned over to the Taliban, what motivated the suicide bomber to depart Bagram and other questions that have arisen since the 13 American servicemen were killed.

Mike Bost has too expressed the GOP’s ability to raise sanctions against the Biden administration. See more information here.

McCaul stated that he would find the evidence and facts because of his experience as a federal prosecutor. After noting so many errors, he added that he hoped the evidence would lead him to specific administration officials who may have acted inappropriately.

McCaul has indicated that keeping the United States from being too dependent on China is his main goal, even though responsibility for Afghanistan is essential.

When asked about his primary objective, he stated that it was halting the flow of advanced technology to China, which the country uses to build weapons that are subsequently used against the United States.

McCaul gave the example of China’s hypersonic missile, which can deliver a nuclear payload with pinpoint accuracy and was constructed on the backbone of American technology. It is unnecessary to sell intellectual property to China because of how much they already steal from the United States.

And much like he did with his chips bill, he declared that the supply chain needs to be stopped. Taiwan, which produces 90% of the sophisticated semiconductor chip capability, is at risk of being taken over by China.

The United States no longer wishes to rely on China or its supply network and doesn’t want to sell them anything that could be used in their superior weapons system to turn against the United States.

According to the chairman, President Biden was put to the test by Chinese President Xi Jinping on the surveillance mission.

Since the American people have a right to know when a foreign nation’s opponent deploys an aircraft asset at that low altitude over the United States that can pick up data, McCaul said he would investigate the incident and the results of the retrieval of the balloon.