Maryland Police Putting Protest Laws In Place After Disturbances at Justices’ Homes

Montgomery County police in Maryland are warning the public that officials will implement regulations against being a disturbance of peace at protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices.

On its website Wednesday night, Montgomery County police posted the accompanying message:

The Montgomery County Department of Police is focused on safeguarding the First Amendment rights including all individuals. Content-neutral Montgomery County Code and Maryland Law provisions limit protesting and assembling in a private area, as well as disturbing the peace.”

Maryland’s standard laws that affect protests and disruptive assemblies include:

An individual may not unyieldingly and without legal reason block or ruin the free section of another in a public spot.

An individual may not determinedly act in a chaotic way that upsets public harmony.

An individual may not stubbornly neglect to comply with a reasonable and legal request that a policeman makes to forestall an unsettling influence on public peace.

An individual who enters the land or premises of another, whether a proprietor or renter, or a beachside adjacent to riparian property, may not wilfully … upset the peace of people on the land, premises by making a nonsensically noisy commotion, or act in a disorderly manner.

An individual from any neighbourhood may not, by making a preposterously uproarious clamor, obstinately upset the tranquility of another … on the other’s property or premises, in a public spot.

Toward the beginning of May, after Politico released an underlying, more significant part draft assessment from Justice Samuel Alito — which had been reputed to be a strike-down of the Roe v. Wade administering from 1973 — abortion rights activists started appearing outside the homes of the Supreme Court’s conservative-leaning justices.

On June 24, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade by a 5-4 decision.

As per Axios, about 20 officers from Montgomery County and the U.S. Marshals Service are outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home, checking what is happening.

Last month, police captured a man with a stacked weapon (a self-loader Glock 17 gun) outside Kavanaugh’s Maryland home.

On Wednesday night, the Twitter handle @LiteraryMouse gave an update outside Kavanaugh’s home — according to the dissidents’ point of view.

“We’re here at Kavanaugh’s to battle for our fundamental right to substantial independence.

“This evening, Montgomery County Police are letting us know we can’t chant, drum, or make any loud noise as we practice our First Amendment Rights.”