Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronts ATF Officials

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican Congresswoman from Georgia, questioned ATF officials Monday while they were inspecting a gun store in Smyrna. Greene mentioned her position on the House Oversight Committee.

Greene uploaded a video of herself and several Republican members of Congress conversing with an ATF public relations officer at Adventure Outdoors, which bills itself as Georgia’s biggest outdoor sporting goods store as well as the Largest Gun Store in the World.

The exchange occurred on the same day a school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, killed three children and three adults after a 28-year-old gunman opened fire at The Covenant School. Greene tweeted on Monday that members of our Georgia delegation were there for an unprecedented ATF examination at old and well-known Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, Ga.

Greene said the ATF departed when they questioned their motivations and were alerted about Oversight and Republican-controlled Appropriations. Greene continued that the Second Amendment needed to be protected, as well as law-abiding companies.

Greene tagged three other Georgia Republicans: Barry Loudermilk, Mike Collins, and Rich McCormick.

Greene also released a video of herself with Republican colleagues speaking to an ATF public relations officer, who stated that the inspection was standard. According to Greene, the number of agents and the fact that most were not from Georgia was unprecedented. She slammed the Biden administration, saying it is against the Second Amendment.

Greene then informed the ATF officer that she is a member of the Oversight Committee, and her colleagues are also members of legislative committees. Greene said they are here for the people and to hold the government accountable. She added that the government had been “weaponized.”

In her tweet, Greene claimed that the ATF arrived with 16 agents, most of which were from out-of-state places like LA and San Francisco, to ‘inspect’ Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, Georgia. She said that the sheer number of agents from the bluest areas of the country is unusual and unnecessary for a regular assessment.

Greene said she feels this is another great example of Joe Biden and the Democrats using government agencies to intimidate and suppress political opponents. She believes this is only the beginning, and they are directly attacking “our Second Amendment rights” and the ability to “protect and defend our families,” Greene continued.

Greene said she was glad to have worked alongside her colleagues to perform their jobs and conduct Congressional Oversight on this extremely suspect ‘inspection.”

On Monday, Greene also tweeted about the incident in Nashville. Greene said her prayers were with the victims and their families at the Covenant School in Nashville. Adding that, it was another heinous and unnecessary tragedy. Children and school employees should always be safeguarded in the same manner as politicians, money, rare stones, and gold are protected, the Republican wrote.

Greene also slammed President Joseph Biden, describing him as a “fool” and a “failure.”  She tweeted that “Gun grabbers like Joe Biden and Democrats” should forego their Secret Service protection and place themselves on the same level as defenseless innocent children at school.

School shootings should never happen and will cease instantly when decent people guard children with firearms, in the same manner, Joe Biden is guarded by the Secret Service. Put an end to this right now, Greene urged.