Man’s Ex-Girlfriend Shoots Him in the Groin, What Followed Was Unbelievable

HAMILTON, OH – In a story that is as shocking as it is heartrending, an Ohio man has publicly forgiven his former girlfriend for shooting him in the groin. The man, Charlie Glenn, survived the traumatic event and has since expressed his ongoing affection for his ex-girlfriend, Tonya Nester, 36, despite her violent actions.

The incident unfolded when Nester invited Glenn for a seemingly innocent walk. It was during this walk that she revealed she was carrying a firearm. Glenn reported that Nester initially tried to downplay the seriousness of the situation by claiming the weapon was a pellet gun. However, when Glenn insisted on seeing the weapon to verify her claim, she shot him.

Despite being in a state of shock and dealing with the immediate pain of his injury, Glenn was able to disarm Nester. His quick thinking and bravery were crucial in ensuring the situation didn’t escalate further. Meanwhile, his nearby family members who had witnessed the incident quickly dialed 911 to summon help.

Paul Carpenter, a friend of Glenn’s, was on the scene shortly after the shooting. He rushed Glenn home, where he assessed the seriousness of the injury. Carpenter recounted his initial fear and concern for Glenn’s well-being, unsure whether the injury was life-threatening. Thankfully, Glenn’s injuries, while severe, were not fatal.

While Carpenter was tending to Glenn, other family members reported seeing Nester flee the scene. They described her running from the house and disappearing into a nearby alley. This information was crucial in helping local law enforcement to track Nester down.

Officers were able to apprehend Nester approximately half a mile from the scene of the shooting. Her arrest was swift, and she was subsequently taken into custody. Nester is held at Butler County Jail on a substantial $100,000 bond. She is facing serious charges of felonious assault, which could lead to significant jail time if she is convicted.

Despite the traumatic event and the physical pain he endured, Glenn has publicly expressed no resentment towards Nester. He declared that he still loves her in a statement that has stunned many. His unexpected forgiveness and ongoing affection for his ex-girlfriend, despite her violent actions, have added a unique twist to an already shocking story.