Man Charged with Murder for “Coaching” 16-Year-Old in Fatal Robbery Gone Wrong in Houston’s Greater 3rd Ward

Houston, TX – A Houston man is facing murder charges after allegedly “coaching” a 16-year-old through a robbery that resulted in the teenager’s death. The victim, identified as Edwin Quinones, was shot on December 12 and found dead in an elevator at an apartment complex.

18-year-old Larry Holmes is now charged in connection with Quinones’ death, despite not being present during the robbery. The teenager died when he attempted to rob two men at gunpoint in an elevator and was shot in the ensuing struggle, according to police. They have evidence showing Holmes and Quinones were in communication during the robbery.

Holmes was charged with felony murder through Texas’ “law of parties,” which holds each person involved in a crime criminally responsible. In this case, Holmes “encouraged” Quinones to carry out the crime, leading to the victim’s death. The person who shot Quinones is unlikely to face charges as their actions would likely be considered self-defense.

At the time of Quinones’ death, Holmes was already facing three prior felony charges in Harris County. Residents at the apartment complex said gun violence is unfortunately common there, with one resident expressing concern about the ongoing safety of the area.

Holmes is expected to appear in court again on January 4.