Lingering Eclipse: 1978 Burger Chef Murder Site Demolished for Dental Office

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – Nearly five decades after the infamous Burger Chef murders, the building where the tragic event took place is being demolished to make way for a new dental office. The free-standing building, located at 5725-5735 Crawfordsville Road, was the scene of the 1978 abduction and murder of four young Burger Chef workers.

Four employees were abducted at closing time on November 17, 1978, and later found murdered. Their bodies were discovered two days later in a field in Johnson County, still dressed in their work uniforms. The case remains unsolved, with an Indiana State Police investigator still assigned to it.

The murders have drawn the attention of true crime enthusiasts, authors, and documentary makers over the years. Discovery Plus and Investigation Discovery aired a documentary titled “Murders at the Burger Joint” in 2022, shedding light on the tragic events that shook the community.

Despite ongoing efforts in forensic science, the chances of solving the case remain slim. The lead investigator released a photograph of the 4.5 inch blade used in the murder in hopes of generating new leads, but the case remains unsolved.

The building’s impending demolition has stirred mixed emotions in the community. While some see it as a necessary step in moving forward, others, particularly relatives of the victims, view the building as a symbol of the evil that took place. The site will soon be transformed, with plans for a new dental office to take its place.

With the demolition of the Burger Chef building, the town of Speedway is reminded once again of the tragedy that occurred over four decades ago. Despite the passing of time, the memory of the Burger Chef murders continues to linger in the hearts of the community, a stark reminder that crime can reach anywhere.