Land dispute nightmare ends in terrifying shooting spree

Custer County, Colorado – The suspect believed to be responsible for killing three people and seriously injuring another in a rural area of Colorado has been apprehended, according to the Custer County Sheriff’s Office. Hanme K. Clark, aged 45, is accused of shooting four individuals on Monday following a dispute over property boundaries.

The New Mexico State Police took Clark into custody on Tuesday evening. The incident took place at 173 Rocky Ridge Road when the perpetrator opened fire on a group of five individuals in a wooded area. Three people were killed and another seriously injured in the shooting.

Two men and a woman were killed, while another woman who sustained injuries is being treated in a trauma center. The Custer County Sheriff’s Office, which is yet to disclose the identities of the victims, has confirmed that the injured woman is expected to make a recovery.

Sheriff Lloyd “Rich” Smith emphasized that law enforcement swiftly identified the suspect soon after the incident. He disclosed that both the suspect and at least one of the victims had engaged in previous civil disputes concerning property lines and easements without elaborating on further specifics or the exact nature of their relationships.

The Custer County Sheriff’s office was alerted about the incident near Westcliffe, which is approximately 80 miles south of Colorado Springs, shortly before 1 p.m. on Monday. Within 20 minutes of receiving the report, a SWAT team was dispatched, and the search for Clark was on.

Custer County Coroner Brad Baltzly, who was present at the scene, recounted the tense moments as they approached the cabin, unsure if they were going to come under fire. Baltzly and his deputy were responsible for transporting the injured woman to the hospital.