Ladies Call for Sex Strike Against Men in Retaliation For The Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Pro-abortion women are calling for a cross country sex strike to counter against men for the upsetting of Roe v. Wade following the Supreme Court’s landmark choice made on Friday.

Offended women took to social media and the roads throughout the end of the week to fight Friday’s Supreme Court choice. A few activists have pronounced that ladies ought to start rehearsing abstinence, including one Twitter user who accepts that women should try and keep sex from their spouses.

A 24-year-old person fighting in New York City on Saturday told the New York Post she wouldn’t have intercourse with men if they could not get a vasectomy.

If you’re a man who will not get a vasectomy, even though it’s reversible, and you’re not out on the roads battling for my freedoms, you don’t have the right to engage in sexual relations with me, she expressed.

Other moderate Twitter users jumped into the call to avoid sex with men.

“Maybe a #sexstrike (otherwise called #abstinence) would help the men people to be in with no reservations on this #womensrights issue. #RoeVWade,” composed by Monique Pressley, a legal analyst and political observer, as indicated by her profile.

“Assuming you’re commending the upset of RoeVWade, disrespectfully, go screw yourself. No, in a real sense. #SEXSTRIKE Don’t have sex with your spouses, don’t sleep with your boyfriends, don’t sleep with that random guy from that app. NO SEX WITH SPERM DONORS UNTIL WE HAVE OUR RIGHTS,” another user wrote.

One Twitter client — suggested through a picture — called for “abstinance” from Republicans.

Conservatives on social media outlets responded to pro-abortion women by suggesting that requiring a sex strike probably won’t be the dunk they think it is.

“Leftists be like “FINE!! No early terminations; we’ll practice ABSTINENCE!! Take that, strict conservatives!!!,” tweeted Olivia Rondeau.

Jack Posobiec, the Senior Editor at Human Events, was satisfied that “abstinance” was making waves on Twitter.

“Fantastic! Abstinence trends on Twitter in the wake of Roe v. Wade administering,” he tweeted.

Conservative author Rod Dreher made fun of the possibility of women going on a sex strike.

The New York Post investigated Saturday that the expression “abstinence” was moving on Twitter following the choice of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.