Kelowna man pleads guilty to killing roommate in shocking admission

Kelowna, British Columbia – A man from Kelowna, British Columbia, confessed on Tuesday to the killing of his roommate nearly three years ago. Lorence Williams, 43, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter death of Thomas Chadwick on May 30, 2021. This sudden admission brought an end to a second-degree murder trial that had been ongoing for approximately four weeks, according to the BC Prosecution Service. A pre-sentence report was ordered by the court, with a sentencing hearing likely to take place in June. Williams is expected to make another court appearance to finalize dates.

The incident took place at 3451 Sexsmith Rd, where Williams was being evicted from his home in May 2021. The prosecution service revealed that the tragic event occurred amid an escalating conflict between Williams and his roommates. Crown counsel Trevor Sicotte shared during the trial that Williams had been renting a basement bedroom in a home on Sexsmith Road for several months. The conflict arose when the landlord, Cornel Fisher, decided to evict Williams to make room for his girlfriend.

According to Sicotte, the relationship between Williams, Fisher, and roommate Chadwick quickly deteriorated, resulting in Chadwick’s untimely death. Sicotte explained to jurors that Williams and Chadwick engaged in a fight on the night of the killing, presenting evidence that Chadwick was bludgeoned with a piece of wood. Additionally, Sicotte mentioned that Williams proceeded to vandalize nearby vehicles by smashing their windows.

In the subsequent weeks, various police officers testified in court, including one officer who recorded an incriminating statement from Williams where he admitted to committing murder. Const. Maro Kennedy was questioned by Williams’ defense lawyer about the lack of specifics in the statement regarding the time and location of the murder. As the case moves towards sentencing, a detailed account of the incident will be presented to the court for consideration.

The tragic events that unfolded in Kelowna serve as a reminder of the devastating consequences of conflicts escalating to violence within shared living spaces. The forthcoming sentencing hearing will shed more light on the circumstances surrounding Chadwick’s death and the factors that led to this tragic outcome. The community awaits further developments in the case as it continues to unravel in the judicial system.