John Ratcliffe says Blinken Must Resign or Face Impeachment.

On Sunday, the former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, said that Mike Morell, former acting CIA Director, and fifty former intelligence officers claimed in a letter that Russia was linked to the Biden device knew their statement was false.

Ratcliffe said as for the Secretary of State Antony Blinken; he should resign or be impeached for his role in creating the letter, among other issues.

Morell testified to the House Judiciary Committee earlier this month that Blinken, then a Biden campaign official, was the one who reached out to him and asked him to get his associates in the intelligence community to sign a statement claiming that the emails found on the Biden laptop were Russian disinformation in the weeks before the 2020 election.

Ratcliffe claimed that 14 hours after he made those assertions on national TV, Antony Blinken, Mike Morrell, and the other fifty former intelligence officers who didn’t have access to intelligence had put out this letter. They were fully aware that the letter they would distribute was fraudulent and designed to deceive the American people. And in doing so, to frame a foreign government for an event that did not occur.

Ratcliffe explained that Blinken, as former Deputy Secretary of State, knew of Hunter Biden’s troubles. When he heard the rumors that Hunter Biden was involved in prostitution, drug dealing, gun crimes, and financial wrongdoing, he initially dismissed them as baseless. Thinking the Russian government was the dishonest party in that situation.

Biden’s campaign, Ratcliffe claims, came up with a misleading narrative after realizing how much was at stake. They knew it was untrue, yet they went ahead and did it anyhow, so Ratcliffe declared Antony Blinken should step down.

The fact that Antony Blinken, the current secretary of state, blamed a foreign government for a crime or sins he was committing, in an elaborate fraud, sticks out now when so many influential people were involved in orchestrating the laptop tale.

Ratcliffe chimed in that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a despicable person, and he believes that Putin should be prosecuted for war crimes committed in Ukraine. However, the Russian government is not to blame for any drug, gun, or financial crimes that may have been committed on the Biden family laptop.

He is also worried about Blinken’s interactions with the Russian government since Putin has threatened the use of nuclear weapons.

Ratcliffe claimed that the Russian government is aware of what has happened. Some current intelligence community members are the same ones who concocted the Russiagate conspiracy theory in 2016 to mislead the American public. They made up this story in 2020 to boost Biden’s popularity and damage Trump’s, and it worked. So, the question becomes, what will happen in 2024? In what way does the Biden administration plan to enforce a false narrative?

Ratcliffe added that China is a contributing factor to this worry.

According to Ratcliffe, the CCP has significantly benefited from the policies of the Biden administration. China wants Biden to return for another term in the White House because he’s been good for Chinese business.

Compare this to how Kevin McCarthy and other House Republicans have brought to light the countless injustices the Chinese Communist Party has committed and continues to conduct in the United States.