Joe Manchin Looks to be Preparing for ‘Potential Third-Party Presidential Bid

It has been rumored that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) may run as a third-party candidate or go against Biden in the Democratic primary. Axios reports that Manchin may start a “third-party presidential bid” based on some of his recent activities.

Additionally, Manchin has the support of No Labels, a group pushing for a third-party candidate. No Labels is led by some big names, and Manchin is their dream candidate. The group says: “No Labels is working to ensure Americans have the choice to vote for a presidential ticket that features strong, effective, and honest leaders who will commit to working closely with both parties to find commonsense solutions to America’s biggest problems.”

In Iowa, no longer the first state in the Democratic Party’s nomination process, Manchin, 75, reportedly told business leaders this week that his policies are “fiscally responsible and socially compassionate.”

According to the report, Manchin won over Democratic voters in the state by adopting a position distinct from that of many other Democrats. He said he believes the government should be your partner, not your supplier.

According to the report, he has been opposing more and more of President Joe Biden’s policies. He stated last week that he would oppose all of Biden’s choices for the EPA because of their “radical climate agenda” and “their government overreach.”

Although Manchin did not declare his intention to leave the party and that he may have to fight to retain his seat in West Virginia given how unpopular Biden is there, Manchin said that his “primary focus” was attempting to answer the question: How do we save this nation? How can people be mobilized to defend their way of life and the morals they were taught as children?

Nobody is standing up for the reasonable, responsible center. You have to, he added, and there are no alternatives. Despite the fact that both former presidents have already started their campaigns for re-election, Manchin’s comments come as most Americans oppose Joe Biden or Donald Trump running for re-election.

In February, Manchin caused a stir when he refused to identify as a Democrat in an interview with Maria Bartiromo for Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Do you still consider yourself a Democrat? Bartiromo questioned Manchin repeatedly.

“I identify as an American,” Manchin said. Adding that he is an American first and foremost. In a January interview with NBC News, Manchin was asked if he would run for re-election as a Democrat, and Manchin chose not to respond. The host, Chuck Todd, asked if he would run as a Democrat in 2024. Manchin said he hasn’t decided what he will do in 2024, and he said he had two years left to do his best for the state and his country.

Regarding his potential political future, Manchin declared that “everything is on the table.”

Todd explained that the presidency is essentially the only thing left on the table and asked him if he had the opportunity, would you pursue that outside the Democratic Party.

When supporting and representing the people of West Virginia while remaining true to this nation and its Constitution, Manchin said the only thing he can promise you is that he will do whatever he can. Manchin said he would do his best to ensure his decision was the best for his country and state.