Jalen Hurts’ Generous Act: NFL Quarterback Helps Cover Funeral Costs for Slain Texas Football Star

Philadelphia, Texas – Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has made headlines for his generous gesture in helping pay for the funeral expenses of a star football player in Texas. 18-year-old Jarvon Coles, a standout student and defensive linebacker at North Shore High School, was tragically shot and killed during a house party in Humble, Texas, on March 9.

According to family members who spoke to our sister station KTRK-TV, Hurts has been a significant source of support for Coles’ family in the wake of this senseless tragedy. Hurts, a Texas native who attended Channelview High School, sent a heartfelt video message to the grieving family during the funeral services over the weekend. His name was also included in the list of individuals to thank in the program, as reported by KTRK-TV.

Reports from the NFL’s Ian Rapoport indicate that Hurts decided to cover the funeral costs after learning about Coles’ untimely death, despite the fact that the two young athletes attended rival high schools. Despite his philanthropic act, Hurts has chosen not to comment publicly on the matter, demonstrating humility and compassion in the face of tragedy.

As of now, no arrests have been made in connection with Coles’ murder, leaving his loved ones and the community seeking answers and justice for the promising young athlete whose life was cut short. Hurts’ gesture of support serves as a reminder of the impact that kindness and solidarity can have in times of despair, highlighting the power of empathy and community in the face of adversity.