International Outcry Over Sentencing of Protesters to Death in Iran Raises Human Rights Concerns

Sanandaj, Iran – Two protesters, Reza Rasaei and Mojahed Kourkour, have been sentenced to death and are now facing execution. Rasaei’s mother has spoken out, insisting on her son’s innocence and pleading for help to prevent his death sentence from being carried out. She revealed that her son’s extensive 1,500-page case file had been reviewed within a week, raising concerns about due process in Iran.

Rasaei is accused of “murder” in connection with the death of Nader Beirami, the head of intelligence in Sanandaj. Beirami was killed during a protest in the city on November 17, 2022. Meanwhile, Kourkour’s sister confirmed that her brother’s death sentence had been ratified in the 39th branch of the Supreme Court. Kourkour was arrested on December 20, 2022 during a nationwide uprising in Izeh, and is labeled as the “main suspect” in the killing of 10-year-old Kian Pirfalak. However, Kian’s family contends that government forces were responsible for the killing, bringing into question the fairness of the judicial process in Iran.

The execution of 746 individuals has been reported by Human Rights Activists In Iran (HRANA), with a 32 percent increase from 2022, and a 68 percent rise in death sentences being issued. This alarming trend has sparked international concern over human rights and due process in Iran.

In light of these developments, the cases of Rasaei and Kourkour have brought renewed attention to the treatment of protesters and the fairness of the judicial system in Iran. The swift review of Rasaei’s extensive case file, the circumstances of Kourkour’s arrest, and the rise in executions and death sentences all point to the need for closer scrutiny of human rights issues in Iran.

In Sanandaj, Iran, protesters Reza Rasaei and Mojahed Kourkour have been sentenced to death and are facing execution. This has raised serious concerns about due process and human rights in Iran, with the execution of 746 individuals and a significant increase in death sentences reported by Human Rights Activists In Iran (HRANA). The cases of Rasaei and Kourkour deserve greater attention and scrutiny in order to ensure a fair and just judicial process in Iran.