Hyderabad students face difficulties abroad in the US

Hyderabad, India – Hyderabad, India is known for sending the highest number of students to the US compared to other Indian cities. However, many of these students face significant challenges while studying abroad.

In recent years, several tragic incidents have highlighted the difficulties that Hyderabad students have faced while pursuing their education in the US. These incidents have ranged from extreme poverty to fatal accidents and even mass shootings.

One such case involved Syeda Lulu Minhaj, a former Assistant Professor at Shadan College of Engineering and Technology in Hyderabad, who was found starving on the streets of Chicago. Minhaj had traveled to the US to pursue a Master’s in Information Science from TRINE University, Detroit, but her belongings were stolen, and she slipped into depression.

Another student from Hyderabad, Mohammed Amer, arrived in the US on a student visa and landed in the hospital with a throat infection. His condition was described as critical, and his brother was attempting to travel to the US to be with him.

Sadly, Pratiksha Kunwar, a 24-year-old student from Hyderabad pursuing a Master’s in Business Analysis, lost her life in a road accident in Cheney, Kansas. She was traveling with her sister, a friend, and a driver when the accident occurred.

Aishwarya Thatikonda, a 27-year-old engineer from Hyderabad, was tragically killed in a mass shooting at a mall in Texas. Aishwarya had obtained a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Osmania University and a Master’s degree in construction management from Eastern Michigan University. She was working as a project manager in Texas at the time of the shooting.

These incidents highlight the struggles that some Hyderabad students have faced while pursuing their education in the US. While there are numerous opportunities for these students, it is evident that they also face significant challenges. It is important for students and their families to be mentally prepared for these challenges before embarking on their educational journey thousands of miles away from home.

In conclusion, the experiences of Hyderabad students in the US remind us of the importance of being prepared for the potential difficulties that may arise while studying abroad. These tragic incidents serve as a somber reminder of the need for support and preparedness for students pursuing education in a foreign country.