Hunter Biden’s lavish lifestyle: How democratic donors supported him

Since his father, Joe Biden, announced his presidential campaign in 2020, Hunter Biden, his son, has reportedly received financial support from Democratic donors totaling more than $6 million. Most of the financial support is said to have come from Kevin Morris, a prominent Democratic donor and Hollywood lawyer who allegedly befriended Hunter Biden at one of Joe Biden’s fundraising events.

While Morris’ lawyer has raised concerns about the credibility of the source behind the information, the documents reveal that Morris provided various forms of assistance to Hunter Biden, including monthly rents for California homes, child support payments, travel expenses, legal bills, and tax debts exceeding $2 million. The financial transactions between Morris and Hunter Biden were formalized as loans in October 2021, with promissory notes totaling more than $5 million.

In addition to Morris’ support, Hunter Biden generated over $1 million from the sale of his artwork through a partnership with an art gallery brokered by one of Joe Biden’s fundraisers. The prices of Biden’s paintings ranged from $13,000 to $85,000, and at least one buyer purchased a bundle of 11 paintings for $875,000.

In 2020, Morris bought a painting for $47,500, according to the records. Another painting was purchased by Liz Naftali, a Los Angeles-based real estate investor and Democratic donor who has visited the White House since Joe Biden took office. She was also appointed by the president to the federal Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, as per the documents.

The flow of money from Morris and the art sales has raised questions among federal agents, in an Arkansas courtroom, and within the Biden family. During an interview with IRS agents and federal prosecutors, James Biden, Hunter’s uncle, stated that he did not know why Morris had been so helpful to his nephew, speculating it may be due to Morris’ ego. However, he confirmed that Hunter Biden had asked him to thank Morris.

In response to these revelations, House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer has written a letter to Morris, requesting his cooperation in providing information and consenting to an interview to discuss the financial assistance given to Hunter Biden.

The financial support received by Hunter Biden has drawn attention to how he has been able to sustain his lavish lifestyle since his father became president. Previous investigations have focused on his foreign business dealings, but this new information sheds light on the support he has received from Democratic donors. As part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry, Congress will examine the financial transactions, and the role donors played in funding Hunter Biden’s lifestyle.

As the investigation progresses, people may become more interested in Hunter Biden’s financial situation and how it could affect the Biden family. The involvement of Democratic campaign donors in financing Hunter Biden’s expenses raises concerns about conflicts of interest and the origin of their influence.