Hockinson Woman Found Dead, Two in Custody for Murder and Arson

Portland, Oregon – Authorities have apprehended two individuals in connection with the tragic death of a woman in her home near Hockinson. The incident occurred on Saturday, March 23, when the woman was discovered shot to death in her residence.

Upon returning home that evening, the victim’s husband and two friends found her lifeless body, along with their truck missing. Subsequently, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office received a tip on Sunday that led to the arrest of Darrell Riley in Eugene on a temporary felony warrant for first-degree murder.

The stolen truck was later found in rural Benton County, Oregon, damaged by fire in what authorities believe was an intentional attempt to destroy evidence. The victim was identified as Lindy Rummell, a 60-year-old resident of Brush Praire.

Further investigation revealed that the victim’s husband, James Rummell, had ties to Riley and allegedly transported him from Eugene to Clark County on the day of the murder. Consequently, James Rummel was taken into custody on charges of making false statements and is now a murder suspect, with the possibility of additional charges pending.

Authorities suspect that James may have orchestrated a burglary, with Riley carrying out the plan to murder his wife. The investigation remains ongoing, with authorities urging the public to stay updated for any developments in the case.