GOP Rep. Gallagher: ‘Make Putin Fear’ What the United States Can Do To Help Ukraine.

On Monday’s Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) accentuated that the United States was not effective in that frame of mind during its conflict with Russia.

As indicated by Gallagher, we are constantly disappointing because we fear inciting Russian President Vladimir Putin. He wanted the White House to make Putin dread what the United States is prepared to do to help Ukraine.

I want to believe that he does all that could be within reach to revitalize the West so President Zelensky can haggle from a place of solidarity, Gallagher emphasized. That is our work. Our responsibility is to help Zelensky, who is effectively mobilizing support for Ukraine by proceeding with the inventory of deadly help despite Putin’s aggressive statement. I would like the president to resolve the Polish MiG 29 disaster and figure out how to take Slovakia up on its proposal to give Russia-made S-300s to Ukraine.

He proceeded, and keeping in mind that we ought to be careful about acceleration, we can’t permit the constant feeling of dread toward acceleration to rule our reasoning. I believe that is the reason we got into this wreck in any case — as a result of the constant anxiety toward inciting Putin, whether it was the organization’s postponement for more than an extended period of giving deadly help, the Biden organization’s reluctance to force authorizations, or that MiG disaster. We are consistently slow on the uptake since we fear inciting Putin. Also, it’s time we make Putin dread what we will do about Ukraine.

Put in an unexpected way: The ideal way to stay away from World War III is by fortifying our tactical obstruction and putting resources into hard power. What’s more, that is the message I want to believe that I hear from President Biden when he ventures.