Garage Inferno and Fireworks Explosion Lead to Long Island Man’s Arrest for Unlawful Storage

FRANKLIN SQUARE, New York – A man from Long Island found himself in legal trouble after a garage fire led to fireworks going off in Nassau County, creating a chaotic scene as thick black smoke filled the air, authorities disclosed on Wednesday.

Louis Distefano, 57, faced charges on Tuesday related to the incident, including possessing and storing explosives unlawfully without the necessary licenses and certificates. The blast caused damage to his and neighboring homes in Franklin Square.

Law enforcement officials received a call about a fire at Distefano’s residence on Morton Avenue, witnessing the garage completely consumed by flames upon arrival. The fire extended to a nearby fence and another garage, causing the fireworks inside Distefano’s garage to ignite and set off a chain reaction of fires in the area.

During the chaos, some of the fireworks landed on a couch in Distefano’s living room, sparking yet another fire inside the house. Fortunately, no injuries were reported from the incident, although authorities continue to investigate the root cause of the initial fire.

Distefano is set to appear in court for his arraignment on Wednesday, with details about his legal representation remaining undisclosed at the moment. The community is still recovering from the scare caused by the unexpected fireworks display resulting from the garage inferno.