Gangland Liverpool: Deep-rooted Feuds and Unsolved Murders Cast Shadows Over the City

In Liverpool, a deadly feud has been brewing between the Crocky Crew and the Strand Gang for decades, resulting in a trail of unsolved murders and acts of violence. The assassination of Danny McDonald, a suspected leader of the Crocky Crew, on New Year’s Day in 2004 marked the beginning of a cycle of retaliation. Despite being shot seven times in a pub, no arrests have been made in connection with his murder.

The feud took a tragic turn in 2007 when 11-year-old Rhys Jones was killed by Sean Mercer, a member of the Crocky Crew. Mercer’s intended target was the rival Nogga Dogs, a subgroup within the Strand Gang. The escalation of violence continued with the 2012 killing of Joey Thompson, a key member of the Strand Gang, and the unsolved murders of McDonald and Thompson.

In a separate incident, the hacking of the EncroChat communication platform led to the exposure of numerous crimes, resulting in the arrest and sentencing of individuals involved in drug dealing and violent attacks, including the Cox gang, a Salford crime family. As Merseyside Police continue their investigations, the looming presence of these unsolved murders serves as a grim reminder of Liverpool’s ongoing battle against gang violence.

The shadow of gangland violence in Liverpool continues to cast a dark cloud over the city, with the Crocky Crew and the Strand Gang leaving behind a trail of unsolved murders and lingering feuds. Despite a crackdown on crime and the exposure of criminal activities, the unresolved cases remain open wounds for the community. The battle against gang violence in Liverpool is far from over, as the police continue to seek justice for the victims and their families.