Florida GOP Drops Bombshell Decision Paves the Way for Trump

The Florida Republican Party has made a significant decision regarding its 2024 presidential primary ballot. They have opted not to enforce a loyalty pledge previously required for candidates to qualify. This pledge would have obligated all contenders to support the eventual GOP nominee for the 2024 presidential race.

It’s worth highlighting that this progress is significant, especially considering the position taken by former President Donald Trump. Trump has declined to sign such pledges in the past. Trump said he did not feel the need to sign such a pledge regarding his huge poll lead.

In light of this, the Florida GOP’s decision is a favorable outcome for Trump. However, it’s not just Trump who has shown reluctance towards this pledge. Other prominent figures, including former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Texas Representative Will Hurd, have also expressed reservations about committing to it.

The decision to abandon the loyalty pledge was finalized in a vote conducted by Florida’s GOP this last Friday at the organization’s quarterly meeting in Orlando. The implications of this move have sparked discussions and debates.

State Senator Joe Gruters commented on the matter during a meeting, pointing out the potential perception issues. He mentioned, “By putting this in place, whether intentional or not, the party looks like it was favoring a certain candidate.” This is specifically true regarding Governor Ron DeSantis, Trump’s main rival. The former president would have been excluded from the state’s general election ballot if he did not sign a pledge.

The meeting revealed growing rifts within the state party regarding the two presidential contenders, indicating that Trump still holds the edge over DeSantis in their shared home state. DeSantis’ spokesperson, Bryan Griffin, expressed hope that all candidates would unite behind DeSantis after he wins the nomination.

Griffin stated that he believes that all individuals contemplating running for the Republican presidential nomination should be willing to pledge their support for the eventual nominee. He finds it surprising that anyone who wants to defeat Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election would disagree with this stance.

Gruters, however, emphasized that the decision was not solely influenced by Trump’s unwillingness to sign the pledge. He elaborated on the broader concerns, stating, “When people say, ‘Well, Trump doesn’t want to sign the loyalty oath,’ it’s not about that. It’s about the party putting up artificial roadblocks that didn’t exist four months ago.”

The Florida GOP’s choice to forgo the loyalty pledge for the 2024 presidential primary ballot has garnered attention. While some view it as a move that benefits former President Trump, others see it as a response to concerns about potential biases and unnecessary barriers in the nomination process.