Family Photos of 17-Year-Old Tacoma Shooting Victim Delayah Sims Released

Tacoma, Washington – The community of Tacoma, Washington is mourning the tragic loss of a 17-year-old girl who was shot and killed outside of her home in the Hilltop neighborhood. The victim, identified as Delayah Sims by her grieving family, was fatally wounded after an argument escalated into violence on a Saturday night outside the Midtown Apartment homes on South 15th Street.

Witnesses to the incident shared harrowing details of the shooting, with one neighbor recounting how Delayah staggered back before collapsing under a cluster of Cherry Blossom trees. The teenager’s cries for help and desperate pleas for her mother echoed through the night, marking a heartbreaking end to a young life cut short by senseless violence.

The alleged shooter turned himself in to the Tacoma police on Tuesday afternoon, but details surrounding the altercation that led to Delayah’s death remain under investigation. Detectives are working to piece together the events that unfolded on that fateful night, as the community grapples with the loss of yet another young life to gun violence.

For Delayah’s family, the pain of her passing is compounded by the fact that her 18-year-old brother was also a victim of gun violence in 2018. The tragic history of violence that has befallen this family has left them devastated, prompting them to create a GoFundMe account to help cover the expenses of Delayah’s funeral.

As the city of Tacoma mourns the loss of Delayah Sims, the community grapples with the impact of gun violence on families and neighborhoods. The heartbreaking story of a young girl’s life taken too soon serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for solutions to address the pervasive issue of gun violence in our society.

The memory of Delayah Sims will live on in the hearts of those who knew her, as her family and friends come together to honor her life and seek justice for the senseless act of violence that claimed her. As the investigation continues, the community stands united in support of Delayah’s loved ones, offering comfort and solidarity in the face of tragedy.