Explosion Injures Teens at Backyard Fire Pit in Lapeer, Urgent Warning Issued

Lapeer, Michigan – Two teenagers sustained injuries in a backyard fire pit explosion in Lapeer over the weekend. The incident took place on Saturday night when two 13-year-olds attempted to start a bonfire using an accelerant, causing a severe explosion that left both of them critically burned, according to Lapeer fire chief Mike Vogt.

Vogt emphasized the importance of safe fire practices, urging the public to avoid using flammable liquids like gasoline or diesel fuel to ignite fires. Instead, he recommended the use of newspapers, kindling, approved starter logs, and clean-cut firewood to prevent such accidents. It is crucial to have extinguishing tools nearby when having a fire.

The injured teens and their families are in the thoughts of the fire department, Vogt stated in a release. The incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers of improper fire-starting techniques and the need to adhere to safety guidelines at all times.

To ensure safety while enjoying a fire, individuals are advised to refrain from using accelerants and to stick to safer options such as newspapers, safety logs, and clean firewood. By following these guidelines, the risk of accidents like the one in Lapeer can be significantly reduced.

Education on safe practices when starting fires is essential to prevent injuries and property damage. Taking precautions and using appropriate tools and materials can help create a safer environment for recreational fires.

Proper fire safety measures, including the avoidance of accelerants and the use of safe ignition methods, are crucial in preventing incidents like the one in Lapeer. By following established guidelines and being mindful of the risks involved, individuals can enjoy fires safely without putting themselves or others in harm’s way.