Explosion Aftermath Slowly Being Cleaned Up in Denver Four-Plex 10 Months Later

DENVER, CO – The aftermath of a multi-unit explosion that occurred on the 400 block of South Lincoln Street in Denver still lingers, as the property owner, DPC 457 LLC, undertakes the task of cleaning up the site. The explosion, suspected to be caused by a gas leak in August, resulted in one person being injured. The lengthy process of cleaning up the four-plex is slowly moving forward, with a demolition permit application being submitted to the city by a hired demolition contractor.

Amanda Weston, spokesperson for Community Planning and Development, mentioned the challenges of getting the demolition permit approved, including the need for multiple department approvals, neighbor notification, and preinspection. Additionally, agencies may have specific requirements that the applicant must meet before granting approval, such as ensuring the shutdown of utilities and services and preserving established trees in the area.

While the approval process for the demolition permit may take 50-60 days, the actual demolition will only take a few days once the permit is issued. Alongside the cleanup efforts, the investigation into what caused the explosion is still ongoing, with the Denver Fire Department continuing to look into the incident.

Since the explosion, the property has been subject to numerous calls for service from the Denver Police Department, including reports of trespassing, disturbances, criminal mischief, and assault. However, as of December 27, no additional calls have been made to respond to the address.

The aftermath of the explosion serves as a reminder of the potential risks associated with gas leaks and the lengthy process involved in the cleanup and investigation of such incidents. As the cleanup and investigation continue, the community hopes for a swift resolution to prevent similar incidents in the future.