Erik Prince States Biden WH Rejects Jet Lend-Lease to Ukraine

On Thursday, Erik Prince — pioneer behind confidential military agreement Blackwater — informed Newsmax that he namelessly demonstrated the Biden organization with a choice in December to offer a loan rent to Ukraine of up to 200 battle airplanes that the Air Force wanted to resign.

“Of those, very nearly 150 of them [fighter jets] are F-15s, F-16s, and A-10s,” Prince expressed during his appearance on “Stinchfield.” “Assuming that they flew any bundle of those airplanes to Ukraine and identified them as Ukrainian airplane, flown by Ukrainians, passed by American workers for hire, or flown by Europeans, it would have given the discouragement, so [Russian President Vladimir] Putin never at any point swung the the by the country.

“It’s the disappointment of creative mind by something very similar supposed savvy individuals that gave us the disaster in Afghanistan that has now given us this, what will be, a significant death toll pointlessly so in Ukraine,” he added.

As indicated by Prince, he didn’t know why the organization dismissed his arrangement yet credited it to a reluctance to address international strategy questions straightforwardly.

“It unquestionably is diverting, yet it is a horrendous search for Western development to allow this to occur. I’m glad to see the Europeans move forward,” Prince said.

“I’m even stunned that the Swiss have fallen off the sidelines following 500 years and are authorizing Russians. They didn’t endorse Hitler and his Nazi posse, so perhaps it will make a resurrection in western Europe to guard themselves. It’s great.”