Elderly Man with Alzheimer’s Brutally Attacked by Two Men in Houston

Houston, Texas – Two men have been arrested and are currently in custody at the Harris County Jail after a shocking incident in which they were captured on camera assaulting a 67-year-old man who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The suspects, Trayvon Lockridge and Deroderic Stephens, are facing charges of aggravated robbery over 65, according to officials.

The victim, Florentino Hurtado, was attacked while he and his wife were at a meat market near Tidwell in the 5900 block of North Shepherd. Florentino, who was diagnosed two years ago, was left in the car while his wife went into the market. Surveillance footage shows him becoming disoriented and mistakenly pulling on the door handle of the wrong car. This is when Lockridge and Stephens, the owners of the car, emerged and brutally assaulted him, leaving him with a broken cheekbone, numerous cuts, a possible traumatic brain injury, and a black eye.

Florentino, who weighs less than 100 pounds, was left bewildered and wandering towards a pawnshop after the attack. His daughter, Jessica, expressed the heartbreaking impact of the incident, highlighting her father’s confusion due to his condition and his inability to speak English.

The state has requested a bond of $1 million for Lockridge, who has no prior convictions, while Stephens, who has five pending cases in addition to the new charge, is awaiting his bond determination. The family is left devastated by the unprovoked attack, with Jessica emphasizing the difficulty of witnessing the aggression towards her father. The victim’s inability to remember the attack further adds to the anguish felt by the family, as they struggle to come to terms with the senseless violence against their loved one.