Donald Trump Takes On Left-Wing Gender Insanity

As president-elect, Donald Trump has promised to stop what he calls “left-wing gender insanity.” Trump has pledged to do so on his First Day in office if he is reelected. The country’s children are the key to its future success. Former president and potential 2024 candidate Donald Trump has stated that his first act in office would be to combat radical gender theory. This ideology has effectively poisoned the minds of a generation of youth.

According to Donald Trump’s freshly revealed policy platform for his 2024 presidential campaign, removing these harmful ideas from American schools is one of his top priorities. Trump has called this toxic ideology “left-wing gender insanity” an “act of child cruelty,” and he has offered a comprehensive strategy to address the “chemical, physical, and emotional mutilation” of our kids.

Trump has promised that on his “first day in office,” he will reverse President Joe Biden’s “cruel policies” that encourage young people to undergo genital mutilation, puberty suppression, and the use of wrong-sex hormones. According to Trump, if he is reelected, he will “sign a new executive order” ordering the federal bureaucracy to stop all initiatives promoting sex and gender transformation at any age.

According to Trump’s latest statements, he will then ask Congress to permanently halt federal taxpayer monies from being used for advertising or paying for these treatments and establish legislation forbidding child sexual mutilation in all 50 states. Trump is proposing legislative actions to eliminate the government subsidization of transgender modification.

Healthcare providers who mutilate minor youth chemically or physically will no longer qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, Trump put it, and will be terminated from government programs immediately. The federal government will change its health and safety standards.

According to Trump, a “private right of action for victims to sue physicians” who have unforgivably mutilated the bodies of small children was also on the table.

For his second term in office, the former president said he would have the Department of Justice look into whether or not cross-sex hormones were “illegally marketed” to vulnerable populations and whether or not Big Pharma and its affiliated hospital networks “deliberately covered up horrific long-term side-effects” of transgenderism.

In the event of a second Trump presidency, the Department of Education may use “civil rights violations for sex discrimination” as a weapon against educators who encourage students to identify as anything other than their biological sex. Schools that violate the law risk losing their federal funding. As Trump put it, positive instruction about the nuclear family, the responsibilities of moms and dads, and recognizing — rather than eliminating — the traits that make men and women distinct and unique will be the norm under the new certification the administration plans to institute for teachers.

The former president also proclaimed a comprehensive ban on male athletes competing in women’s sports, citing Title IX. The left’s long-running attack against the environment and human biology. Despite their claims that they “believe the science,” they have an irrational hatred of nature and seek to eradicate any forms of natural beauty over which they have no control. Restoring any sort of normalcy would require long-term, comprehensive policies for all branches of government within the United States, but if action is not taken soon, it will be.

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