Competency Restored for UC Davis Stabbing Suspect in Murder Trial Resumption

DAVIS, Calif. — A former UC Davis student accused of stabbing three people is set to appear in court next week as the state hospital where he has been receiving treatment has deemed him competent to stand trial. Carlos Dominguez, 21, will resume the murder trials in Yolo County after being declared fit for trial. The community of downtown Davis continues to honor the memory of David Breaux, a well-known figure in the area who was tragically killed alongside another college student, Karim Abou Najm, 20, and a third victim, Kimberly Guillory, who survived her stab wounds.

Breaux, known as “the compassion guy” for his sincere interest in people’s compassion, was commemorated with a unique mosaic stone bench. The senseless killings have left the community struggling to understand the motive behind the tragic events. Eight months after the stabbings, the lingering questions still remain as to why Breaux and Najm were killed, and why Guillory was targeted.

After a five-day competency trial in July, it was revealed that Dominguez suffered a schizophrenic break last spring. Subsequently, he was sent to a state hospital for treatment. However, the court recently received a report stating that Dominguez has been restored to competency, prompting the resumption of the criminal proceedings. While some in the community express doubt about Dominguez’s mental stability, others have faith in the judicial system to serve justice.

If there are no challenges to Dominguez’s mental competency report, the court is expected to proceed with the criminal proceedings beginning on Jan. 5.